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All Your Dental Hygiene Needs

At Lethbridge Dental Hygiene Clinic, we are committed to educating you on your current oral status and providing you with all your dental hygiene needs.

Direct Billing

We are pleased to offer direct billing to most insurance companies. Each client is only responsible for what their insurance will not pay.




A complete extra/intra-oral assessment including full mouth periodontal probing to assess the current state of oral health. A complete set of photos. An overall dental and medical history review including any existing conditions.

Dental Radiographs

Digital low dose x-rays allow for a complete assessment of the clients current periodontal state including bone levels and can be forwarded to your dentist via e-mail.



Local Anesthetic

Available for sensitive clients or to help assist in any discomfort during procedures.

Periodontal Debridement

This includes scaling and root planning to remove any bacteria present in the oral cavity to promote a healthy oral state.


The mechanical removal of plaque and extrinsic stain by individually selecting a prophylaxis paste with the appropriate abrasives depending on each client’s case.


Helps strengthen the tooth enamel through a process of remineralization. This can be offered by a rinsing agent or can be “painted” on the teeth with a varnish.

Happy Mouth

We offer a Xylitol based alternative to fluoride treatments. Approved by Health Canada, it is an effective way to prevent tooth decay and is made without alcohol, fluoride, CPC or triclosan.




Tooth hypersensitivity is pain that comes from exposed dentin in response to a thermal, chemical or physical stimuli. We will identify the areas of sensitivity and alter the damage by applying an appropriate desensitizing agent.


A clear coating that bonds with the tooth structure to help shield out bacteria and prevent decay. These are a low cost way to protect the biting surfaces of the teeth.


In-office, light activated whitening to achieve your whitest smile in under 1 hour with minimal to no sensitivity.